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Pastor Bishop Kemallen Lindsay was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica. As the son of Ralf and Madeline Lindsay, he is the 5th of 10 children. In 1964 he married his wife, Dasseta Chambers, and migrated to Canada in 1966. Three weeks after he came to Canada, he received a vision of God singing in the sky "Hark the voice of Jesus call, who will go and work today." The voice continued singing "If you cannot be the watchman standing high on Zion wall, pointing out souls to heaven, offering pardon and peace to all." As the voice continued to sing, Pastor Lindsay attempted to hide himself, but everywhere he hid, the light continued to shine on him.


After attending many churches, Pastor Lindsay discovered his true calling. In remembrance of the dream, God had called him to pastor a church. For the next 20 years, Bishop Lindsay remained gainfully employed at the 'C.P. Railway' while fulfilling his role of a pastor. With God's divine supervision and anointing on his life, he continues to fulfill God's great commission in obedience to the vision. For more than 40 years, Bishop Lindsay has pastored the flock at Zion Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ. 

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